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     Ashes Into Glass 
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            Memorial Glass Art   
              Ashes Into Glass Paperweight 

Memorial Glass Art
    We can create a lovely family heirloom with ashes in glass

with just a bit of your loved ones cremation ashes.

Your beloved 's ashes are treated with the

greatest reverence and respect.

This "Ashes into Glass Art"

will serve as a family heirloom for

generation after generation.

Ashes to Heart

"I carry your heart,
     I carry it in my heart"
          ~ E. E. Cummings

Memorial Glass Art ~ Hearts

FAQ: What is the process for adding the cremains to create Ashes into Glass Art?

  • The client will send us approximately 1 tablespoon of their loved ones ashes in a zip lock baggie, in a cardboard mailer.

  • We then roll these precious ashes into an art piece of your choosing to create a beautiful Memorial Glass Art keepsake that your family will cherish for generations to come.

"Sacred Rainbow" ~
 Cremation Ashes into Glass

Prices for Memorial Glass Art
Blown Glass Cremation Paperweights
& Glass Orbs with Ashes


Starting at $225.00 for a 3" diameter
and $400.00 for the 6" pyramids

4" hanging orbs are $150.00

Larger sizes are available

"Moon Dance" ~
 Ash Glass Art

FAQ: Approximately how long does it take to create the ash glass art once you receive my loved ones cremation ashes?

  • We can usually create your memorial glass art piece within approximately 2 weeks.

  • If you need it sooner, just let us know, we will do everything we can to meet your family's time table. 

"Blue Heaven" ~
 Cremation Paperweight
"Heaven" ~
 Cremation Glass Art
"Sacred Rainbow ~
 Cremation Paperweight
"Ocean" ~
 Cremation Glass Art

FAQ: Will my loved ones cremains be safe with you?

  • We will treat your loved ones cremains with the utmost respect, love and reverence that we would give to our own family's cremains. For after all, we are all one on this spinning blue planet and your family is our family too.  

"Golden Moments" ~
 Cremation Ashes in Glass
"Pet Heaven" ~
     Memorial Glass Art
"Heaven goes by favor,  if it went by merit,
          you would stay out,  and your dog would go in..."
                       ~ Mark Twain
"Spiritual Faith"
   Ash Glass Art
"Sacred Rainbow"
    Memorial Glass Art

FAQ:  What happens to any unused cremation ashes?

  • We will return them with your order, or if you like, we can scatter them in a sacred place on our mountain in the Roosevelt National Forest.  

  • We would say a prayer for their next journey and welcome them to their new home in the mountains. Whatever you prefer, just let us know.

"Heaven and Earth"
   Blown Glass with Ashes
"Tear Drop"
This is a sample of a cremation paperweight without the ashes, however, it would be stunning with the cremation ashes added in.
"Sacred Rainbow" ~
 Ashes in Glass Art
"Sacred Rainbow" ~
 Ashes in Glass Art
"Spiritual Faith" ~
 Ashes to Glass Paperweight
"Maya" ~
 Ashes to Glass Paperweight
"Spiritual Faith" ~
 Ashes to Glass Paperweight
"Spiritual Faith" ~
 Glass Orb with Ashes
Approximately 4" - $95.00
Blown Glass Urn | Glass Urn | Hand Blown Glass Urn
Glass Cremation Jewelry
Hand Blown Glass Art

 White Elk Glass Video ~ Created by Jo
A video created with "glass art"
and "glass heart" in mind.  
"With My Own Two Hands" ~ Ben Harper

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