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Glass Blowing Schools
           Glass Blowing Equipment          & Glass Art Suppliers

Out of the crucible of fire
    Comes the heart of the artist....
White Elk Visions in Glass


Ceramic Supplies &Tools


Aladdin Chandelier Genie Lift
The Aladdin Genie lift is a wonderful device
used to raised and lower your glass chandelier 
with the effortless ease of the touch of a button

Artist Reliable Tool Company 
Glass Blowing Tools and Equipment 

Arrow Springs 

Flame Working Suppliers

Aura Lens Products
Safety lens and glasses for glass blowers

Coatings By Sandberg 
Dichroic Supplier

Cutting Edge Products 

Glass Blowing Tools

Denver Glass Machinery 
Glass Blowing Furnaces and Equipment

Temperature Control for Glass Artists

East Bay Color 
East Bay Color

Electroglass Furnace 
Electric Glass Furnaces for Glass Artists

Blowers, valves, hardware, you name it, they've got it


Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner / On Amazon
Amazing cleaning product for all your glass
cleaning needs, including chandeliers!

His Glass Works Inc. 
Diamond abrasives products for the glass artist

Hub Glass 

Hot working equipment and supplies

Joppa Glassworks 
Suppliers of elements and kiln accessories / Giberson Ceramic Burner Heads

Jim Moore Tools 
Finest quality hand made glass tools

North Star Glassworks, Inc. 

Classic rods, frits and powders)


North Coast Lighting

Olympic Color Rods 
Glass blowing color rods, frit, and supplies.

Steinert Industries 
Producers of glass blowing pipes and equipment.

Wale Apparatus 
More great tools for the glass blower

Wet Dog Glass 
Glass Blowing Equipment and Consultation

Societys, Organizations and Forums

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass 
Not for profit organization whose mission it is to further the development 
and apprepciation of art made from glass. 

Corning Museum of Glass 
epresenting 3500 years of glass and glassmaking from Egyptian to 20th century

.Glass Art Society 
An international non-profit organization to advance the appreciation, 
understanding and development of the glass arts worldwide.

Glass Encyclopedia 
nformation, pictures and references on glass from the Glass Encyclopedia on-line, 
the ultimate reference source on glass.

Glass Line Newsletter 

A newsletter for hot glass artists. Includes articles, tips, classified ads and workshop calendar.

Glass Notes, a Reference for the Glass Artist 
Purchase the best selling "Glass Notes", from Henry Halem at this link.
OUR MISSION: To facilitate communication among glass artists, 
to encourage education and promote excellence in the glass arts.


In depth information on hand made glass techniques.

International Society of Glass Bead Makers 
The ISGB is the leading non-profit organization for the promotion, education, 
and appreciation of the art of glass beadmaking.

Museum of Glass 

Museum of International contemporary and modern glass art. 

Paperweight Collectors Association 

Museum of International contemporary and modern glass art. 

Glass Schools

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