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The Ordering Process

We have found that due to the very personal natural of ordering this art work with infused cremation ashes, our customers prefer to speak with a compassionate human, rather than the impersonal nature of a shopping cart. Therefore, we are here to talk with you and/or email if you prefer. 

When you are ready to place your order, we will need the following information:

  1. Let us know the piece(s) from our website, link here, that you like. Pricing is also available at this link. 

  2. Let us know what color(s) you would like

  3. Feel free to provide any information you want to share with us about your loved one. We are always interested in the spirit that has moved on for which we are creating the pieces

We recommend placing about one tablespoon of ash into a simple zip lock baggie. You can then place that baggie into a small bubble envelope or small box (think check book size box). 

You can mail these ashes to:

White Elk's Visions in Glass
Corporate Office
P.O. Box 215
Glen Haven, CO  80532

Please label the bag of ashes to include the following information:


  1.  A "ship to" address for the cremation creation(s)
     Contact name and phone number 
    A note confirming the piece and color you have requested 


  2.  All ashes are treated with the utmost reverence, respect and love

  3. Should there be any leftover ashes, we will say a prayer for the spirit which has moved on, and scatter them in the Roosevelt National Forest which adjoins our property, unless requested otherwise. 

Payment through Pay Pal is most convenient. You can send us a Pay Pal at:

We also accept all major forms of credit cards and you are most welcome to send a check with your order as well.

Mailing Your Loved Ones Ashes

Forms of Payment

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