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Hand Blown Art Glass from White Elk

The Birth
of a Glass Masterpiece

White Elk Studio ~ Glen Haven, CO

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,
and paints his own nature into his pictures..."

 ~Henry Ward Beecher

White Elk At Work

Glass Art by White Elk
White Elk Glass Art

A word about this multi-talented Glass Artist

Marty's fascination with water, how it moves and how light passes through it led to his interest in the medium of blown glass. He has studied extensively the properties of light and water combinations, as they relate to the rainbows, chakras, and to various healing and art forms.

"My love of glass supports my philosophies in spirituality and prayer. I believe that a spiritual magic occurs when ancient ocean sands are gathered from mother earth and placed into a crucible of fire, tempering the elements into molten fluid called glass. When this molten glass is mixed with various metals to create colors of the rainbow, and formed into free flowing vessels, a hint into the mystery of creation is revealed."

Marty's style of blowing is "off hand blowing"; he uses no molds, and does no grinding. This is a very difficult style of glass blowing as it requires "one shot" accuracy. The molten glass, fired to 2300 degrees, is blown and shaped from the artist's hands with the use of simple tools. The result? Exquisite Art Glass.

White Elk's inspiration for his blown glass is taken from his state of "awe" and amazement at the wonders of life. His art is a consequence of this veneration.


 "Art is the study of communicating this state of veneration..."

~ White Elk has been a dedicated glass artist since 1993.

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