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Luxury Glass Chandelier
Information & FAQ's Page

White Elk has been creating custom blown
glass chandelier sculptures for 27+ years.  

White Elk's designs are created with passion and vision,
the end result is always mesmerizing....


What you need to know about
ordering your custom Blown Glass Chandelier

The First Steps

  • We will work closely with you as you decide the size, shape, density and colors you like best. 

  • We will send photos and/or samples of  the glass we create to ensure you are happy with the colors and pieces prior to beginning the creation of your chandelier. 

  • There are a number of glass elements/pieces that will be  attached to your chandelier.  We will help you determine which elements you prefer  and we welcome any other input or suggestions you might have. 



  • Your contractors/electricians  are the experts and  we recommend that you have them install  the cage,  transformer, and the lighting for you.  We are not contractors  or electricians, and therefore, we only install the glass pieces to the chandelier cage.

  • Chandeliers can either be lit "interior" or "exterior" or both.

  • "Interior Lighting" is not intended to be the sole source of illumination for your room, however, it does provide a warm ambient LED lighting, which is cozy and lovely. Our LED lighting uses 680 dimmable lumens and  has approximately 6 LED bulbs per inch strip.  We will provide the LED lighting for you upon request and it will arrive coiled into the cage and ready for your electrician/contractor to work with. The LED strip lighting we use has a life span of up to 10 years.

  • "Exterior Lighting", such as eyeball or can lighting , would  provide more light into the room. Your contractor/electrician would install this into your ceiling and you can confer with them  to discuss your options. 

  • Your choice of colors, whether leaning towards opaque or transparent colorss, will also affect the amount of  lighting emanating from your chandelier.  We will work closely with you to ensure you get the right colors and transparency desired. 

This chandelier is lit both
from the inside and the outside

Chandelier  Weight 
& Chandelier Cage


  • The cage is made of rolled steel , the steel chain is of a superior heavy duty quality,  and is rated to 3500 pounds. 

  • We will provide whatever amount of chain footage to achieve the desired  chandelier height. 

  • The artist will give you an idea of weight experctations based upon the shape and size of your chandelier. Your contractor will want this information before installing your cage, lighting and transformer  into your ceiling. 



  • Your Chandelier should install beautifully into most any ceiling, including sloped and vaulted ceilings. Be sure and consult  with your contractor/electrician.

  • Your  contractors/electricians are the experts on installling  the cage, transformer and lighting. You will want to have them prepare your ceiling based on the approximate weight provided by the artist. You will receive the fabricated cage, with lighting, and transformer  in advance of receiving the glass pieces. 

  • For an assembly fee ,  we will send our  team to your location to assemble the glass pieces onto the installed cage.   As well,  you can  always assemble it yourself  or hire a contractor/electrician.

    Our  cost to assemble the glass pieces is generally 
    approximately $3,000.00, which includes  transportation, lodging, installation fees and per diem. However,  this  can vary based upon  the size and scope of the project.


  • Should the artist be the one installing  the glass pieces onto the chandelier, we would request appropriate and safe scaffolding, ladders etc. to be present on site.

  • If  you choose to make arrangements to handle the assembly yourself ,  we will send you instructions and we will always avail ourselves via phone, face time, etc.  

  • Click here for basic chandelier assembly instructions.  (currently this link is not live, but we are working on it)

Glass Elements


 Bubble Pods


 Bubble Pods

What are glass "elements?"

  • Glass elements are the many varied glass sculptural shapes used to create your chandelier. 

  • The majority of our chandeliers are created  using bubble pods , and glass orbs.

  • For a more customized and intricate  chandelier, we can also create  your chandelier using  hollow pods, leaves, angel feathers, neurons, small flowers,  diamond orbs, birds of paradise and/or any number of creative ideas from the artist .

  • Pricing will depend on whether or not you wish to add some of the more intricate and decorative elements to your chandelier.


 Hollow Pods


Birds of Paradise, Feathers,  Hollow Pods & Glass Orb

Hollow Pods & Glass Orb


Bubble Pods & Glass Orb

Glass Orb


Birds  of Paradise





Flat Ribbon




Angel Feather




Stardust Orbs

Stardust Orbs


What is a chandelier genie?

  • A chandelier genie is a mechanical device designed to raise and lower your chandelier from the ceiling to the ground. This makes putting the chandelier together ever so much more seemless and safe.

    Aladdin Genie Lift


White Elk installing
a beautiful chandelier
using an Aladdin Genie Lift


Cleaning your chandelier

  • ​We recommend a product called "Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner" which works beautifully. You only need to cover your floor with a tarp, then saturate your chandelier by spraying the product up onto your chandelier.

    Avoid spraying into t he center of the chandelier,  and always make sure your lighting is turned off /disconnected.

    The cleaner will eat any dust or grime and dissolve it onto your tarp, leaving your chandelier
     with a crystal pristine shine. 

    This process is  seamless and 
            an absolute snap!  


  • Pricing is based on a number of variables. Consideration is given to  the types of elements used ,  bubble pods and glass orbs, and/or ,  additional custom elements as described above.

    The desired shape, density, color and whether or not the chandelier will be lit internally or externally is also a pricing factor.


  • We are very experienced at  designing your chandelier to meet your budget and needs.  We use a variety of design techniques to create vision, volume, color and a “wow” effect.

  • Once we determine the cost, we would ask for a 25% deposit to hold your place in our schedule. As the piece is coming together we would ask for 2 or 3 draws as we go. Once we  have a tracking number for your shipment, we would request the balance due.

  • We will send photos of the piece as it is being created, about each 1/3 the way through to ensure we are all on point together. 



  • We ship all over the world and use the best shipping and handling company ever!  We have used Shipper's Supply in Loveland for 25+ years.  We do not up charge your shipment, we pass on the exact cost to you that we get from Shipper's Supply. 

  • Shippers Supply will expertly crate your chandelier using a hard edged wooden crate with layered bubble wrap and peanuts.

  • We always ship a few extra pieces in the very rare event of breakage.

  • Once we have all the necessary details, it would be our pleasure  to  provide you with a shipping quote . 

"We welcome the opportunity to work with you"
Namaste' ~ White Elk & Team



White Elk's Visions has been collected and displayed in galleries, museums, hotels, casinos, restaurants and numerous private collections throughout the world. White Elk has been designing and creating beautiful glass art chandeliers, wall art, functional glass art and blown glass sinks for over 27+ years. White Elk has created a glass team that strives for excellence. This excellence is demonstrated through our passion and commitment to the quality and craftsmanship of our work all the way through to the end of the project and continuing with our client relationships.

All pieces are designed and created by White Elk and his team, here in our studio in the mountains of Colorado.

We have designed and created many chandeliers and wall art installations from the conceptual planning and ideas of the art work all the way through the freighting and installation process. We feel confident that should we work together on a project, we would create something that would be breathtaking and visually stunning.

Conference calling with the artist, to discuss these variables and details, usually helps to pull all these elements together quite nicely. We are committed to working very closely with our clients via email, phone and digital photos to ensure they receive exactly what they are looking for.

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