Cremation Urns

   Cremation Glass Art
        Cremation Ashes to Glass

Created with love and respect
in the Colorado Rocky Mountains,
from the heart of the artist 

Blown Glass Urn, Glass Urns
"Forest Green " ~ Blown Glass Urn
Glass Urn | Glass Cremation Urn | Hand Blown Glass Urn
"Wooded Nature" ~ Glass Urn

Hand Blown Glass Urns created by the artist, White Elk.
From our family to yours,

"May we let gratitude for the past, 
       inspire us with hope for the future..."  

Glass Urn | Glass Cremation Urn | Hand Blown Glass Urn
"Purple Star Light"  ~ Glass Cremation Urn

FAQ:  Is the glass cremation urn pictured here the exact urn I will receive, or a representation?

  • The glass urns pictured here are representational only. These beautiful cremation urns were created, photographed and shipped out at varying times.T


  • Like snowflakes and families, no two are ever quite the same. Although it is not possible to place the colors and swirls in any particular pattern, we can promise you the colors will be present, the shapes are consistent and the piece will be exquisite.

  • A family heirloom to cherish for generations to follow...

Glass Urn | Glass Cremation Urn | Hand Blown Glass Urn
"Angels Making Music" ~ Glass Urn
Glass Blown Urn | Hand Blown Glass Urn | Glass Cremation Urn
Glass Cremation Urns for Ashes
"Pink Rose"
Glass Blown Urn | Hand Blown Glass Urn | Glass Cremation Urn
Glass Cremation Urns for Ashes
"Pink Rose"
Glass Cremation Urns for Ashes
"Pink Rose"
"Pink Rose - Glass Urn

FAQ:  Who will transfer the ashes of my loved one?

  • Customarily, the Funeral Home will put the cremains in a plastic bag that you can then transfer from the temporary container into your lovely urn.

  • However, if you prefer, the Funeral Home  should transfer them for you at your request.

  • As well , at your request, we can ship directly to the funeral home.

The family sent us this photo ~
When their lovely mother passed,
their  kitty went an sat beside her urn
"Dried Rose" ~ Cremation Urn
"Dried Rose" ~ Cremation Urn

FAQ:  Can you create pet urns for our fur babies?

  • Yes of course we will. We love our fur babies too, and will treat your request with respect and love.

  • We generally do a glass Keepsake urn, in any colors you would choose from our site, and those are priced from $450.00 - $650.00, depending upon size.

"Heavenly Peace" ~ Cremation Urn

FAQ:  How much is shipping and handling for my glass urn?

  • There is a flat shipping rate of $60.00 for standard size urns.

  • We can quote you second, third day and overnight at your request.

"Into the  Light" ~ Cremation Urn
"Into the  Light" ~ Cremation Urn
Blown Glass Urn | Glass Blown Cremation Urn | Hand Blown Glass Cremation Urn
Purples & Blues_edited.jpg
"Purples & Blues" ~ Glass Urn
"Purples & Blues" ~ Glass Urn

FAQ:  Can you do custom colors?

  • We are more than honored to do colors, however, depending on the colors and scope, the price could increase.  Feel free to call us to discuss. 

       ~ Blown Glass  Cremation Urn
"Sacred Rainbow" ~ Cremation Urn
~ Glass Urn

FAQ:  What forms of payment will you accept?

  • We accept all major credit cards, Pay Pal, and checks.

Glass Keepsake Urn Prices
Starting at $450. ~ $650. - 
Depending on Size

 ~ Keepsake Urns ~
Can be created in any of the colors  
you see throughout our web site.
Glass Blown Urns | Hand Blown Glass Urns | Glass Urns
Cremation Ashs in Glass | Memorial Art Glass
Hand Blown Glass Art

 White Elk Glass Video ~ Created by Jo
A video created with "glass art"
and "glass heart" in mind.  
"With My Own Two Hands" ~ Ben Harper

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