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Custom Glass Sinks ~
Installation & Care Information

Installation Guide


Flush Mount Installation
If you are planning to flush mount the sink (flat on top)

be sure you cut the hole in the counter at least  1" bigger than you need

to allow movement should the sink get bumped.






Recessed Installation 

Should you choose to recess your sink down into the counter,

you might want to consider under counter lighting in addition to lighting from above.

Lighting your sink from underneath will allow for a most warm and lovely

glow in the  dark and makes a most awesome night light.

Be absolutely certain the underneath light bulb is a cool light and does not burn hot as
this could  damage to your sink. Also, undermount lighting will not work with the
solid opaque sinks as no light can penetrate, but looks lovely with our more transparent sinks. 

Measure twice / cut once! 

Whenever possible we recommend you have your sink in hand before cutting your counter top. We also recommend you cut a hole in a large piece of cardboard and set your sink into that to ensure it sits as high or low as is your preference. Then you can use the cardboard cutout as a template for cutting your counter top. 

Above Lighting
We definitely recommend installing lighting above the sink pointing onto it whenever possible, ie: can lights, eyeball lights, track lights, etc. 

Under Lighting

Under lighting your sink will give it a beautiful soft glow light, especially in the evenings, a night light affect if you will. However, always be sure the bulb you use to under light your sink is a bulb that doesn't get hot. 

Hardware / Tail pipe, faucets, drains, etc.

As there are so very many personal choices in hardware, we do not provide any hardware.   Our sink hole is a standard 1 5/8" hole and will allow for any tail pipe, drain and face plates, etc. 

If you are pulling a permit for your project, it is very likely that you will need to use a strainer drain to pass inspection.. This is because blown glass sinks do not have overflow holes. A strainer drain will prevent  your sink  from accidently over flowing and flooding your bathroom should you  leave the water running unattended.   Pop up drains work well with sinks that have over flow holes, but not blown glass sinks.

Sealing Your Glass Sink

Once you have leveled your sink to your satisfaction onto/into the counter top, we recommend you make a good tight seal with plumbers putty. 

Caring for Your Glass Sink

Caring for a glass sink is almost effortless. As the sinks are non-porous, you only need clean with a paper towel or soft cloth, and glass cleaner. That's it!. There is no need for scrubbing or harsh chemicals. Simply running warm (not hot) water throughout the bowl with your hands or a cloth is generally enough to leave your sink sparkly and beautiful. 

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