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White Elk's Visions in Glass Wholesale

This is collection of some of the finest glass art made by Artist White Elk, shapes and individual pieces will each have their own character and will not directly match the pictures presented but will be very close in likeness. Our work is presented in many exquisite private homes and high end establishments around the world, thank you for your time perusing our very limited wholesale work.

Ranging in sizes of 14" to 30", these are our most popular option for galleries catering to interior design. They can be arranged on the wall, or make a beautiful center piece.


A pretty simple explanation, these ornaments are huge sellers, and are a great way to bring customers in, hang them outside your gallery so that the light shines through, and it becomes similar to a stained glass effect.



Our sinks are quite gorgeous, and the only thing to match that is their durability, they are extremely strong and last for decades, a perfect addition for your hotel, bed and breakfast, and beyond.


The perfect piece of art to incorporate in a home, sitting atop the mantle of the fireplace, or set in the kitchen with flowers, but definitely the mother's day gift to steal the show.


Ornaments, Sinks, and Ornaments coming soon, inquire for details.

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